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Workplace active certification (WAC) is a European project led by the European Federation for Company Sport (EFCS) with the assistance of 9 international partners :


Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry (FESI), French Federation for Company Sport (FFSE), Evaleo, University of Copenhagen, Sport & Citizenship, Chamber  of  Commerce  of Korinth, Olympic Committee of Slovenia, Artvelde University College Ghent, Maltese Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Sport and Voluntary Organisations.


This project is supported by the European Commission in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme.

The project aims at valorising and recognising private or public sector organisations hereafter called participating organisations through the creation of a certification scheme, which successfully engage in the promotion of physical activity, employees’ health and well-being.


The goal of the WAC project is to build this certification together with experts and professional organisations willing to engage in this path.


The  WAC   project   will  be   able  to promote the participating organisations and their successful experiences in implementing physical activity in the workplace, as well as to increase awareness of good practices and models.


Initiated in 2018 following the Paris Call for an Active Workplace Labelratified during the European Meetings of Company Sport (EMoCS), the WAC project kicked off in February 2020 and will run until September 2022 with the awarding of the first WAC certifications. An award ceremony will be organised to publicly deliver the certification to the companies and highlight the results.


Applications are now closed

We are offering the unique opportunity to integrate a selected group of participating organisations in this European certification to recognise your commitment in promoting physical activity at  the workplace along with contributing to the development of the certification.

This opportunity is the chance to showcase your related policy, actions and results in terms of quality of life in the workplace. The WAC project has been designed to capitalise on proven good practices and success stories. Participating organisations will naturally become role models and leaders at a European level.

By joining the WAC pioneer companies scheme, you will be consulted and directly involved in the creation process of the creation of the certification. Your teams will be regularly consulted and will have to be available for an estimated four days a year, for two years (Oct. 2020 – Dec. 2022), in particular to:

  • Take part in work meetings, either physical or virtual depending on sanitary conditions, in order to, firstly, keep up to date with the latest evolution of the project and reference materials and, secondly, raise awareness of your field experiences.

  • Mobilise your teams to provide reactions, responses and to further feed the collective work and reference materials, in direct collaboration with the WAC partners alongside a panel of international

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The first meeting took place online on December, the 17th 2020 with over 50 participants.

Stay tune to learn more on our pioneers.

WAC Pioneers project

A group of 27 organisations represating “Worplaces” area have been selected to constitute an “expert committee” in the framework of the Pioneers’ scheme as the major end users of the certification. They were in charge of experimenting, of testing, delivering feedbacks on the certification criteria and user experience.

Among all applications received, 27 workplaces from 7 countries have been selected (France, Belgium, Austria, Malta, Slovenia, Greece, and Spain) following representative criteria: country, size, business area, legal form, experience and commitment to physical activity, gender equality. First meeting to present the pioneers phase objectives was conducted in December 2020.

Then individual interviews with WAC partners were conducted before a second general meeting in June 2021.


Integrate   the   very  select   club   (only   participating organisations from 5
countries will be selected among between all the applications received) of
pioneers and contribute to the WAC certification which will trigger
the needs and wants of

Be part of the first participating organisations to achieve the WAC certification and be recognised by the European Commission and your peers for your management of physical activity in the workplace (the Certification isn’t guaranteed even if you take part in the scheme) and benefit from the coverage to communicate

Work at a European level with the other companies involved and be inspired by the shared experiences and good practices

Apply for free to be part of the first 2022 certification award ceremony

Possibly integrate the certification jury that will be implemented following the conclusion of the works


On the basis of a deep study and analysis stage carried out by our academic partners, regarding the latest knowledge in the field of physical activity and well-being at work, key principles to develop the project have been determined.


 Targeted: based on an analysis of context, represented stakeholders and priorities needs, on the basis of determined goals and objectives. 


• Multi-level: influencing several levels; individuals, interpersonal/relationships, organisational and contextual.

• Action based: focused on concrete action implemented by the organisation at managerial and operational level.

• Oriented on impact and sustainability: enabling the monitoring, evaluation and analysis of the results achieved within its own organisation. Tools and guidance will be made available by the WAC project.


For further details, please contact the project national contact points.


Gurvan HEUZE and Michael GROSS

European contact points

Please contact Gurvan at developpement@ffse.fr and copy your email to Michael

National contact points

Get in touch with our national contact points who will answer all your questions on the WAC Pioneers and will help you on the subject.

FESI / Jerome PERO / pero@fesi-sports.org

FFSE / Frédéric DELANNOY / dtn@ffse.fr

Corinth Chamber of Commerce / Penny Laska / contact@activeworkplacecertification.eu

Parliamentary Secretariat for Youth, Sport and Voluntary Organisations at Ministry for Education and Employment, Government of Malta / Ryan Borg / contact@activeworkplacecertification.eu

Olympic Committee of Slovenia - Association of Sports Federations / Taja Škorc / Taja.Skorc@Olympic.si / contact@activeworkplacecertification.eu