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WAC Pioneers project: Join us

The Workplace Active Certification project is launching its WAC Pioneers scheme! Make sure to learn all about it.

Discover WAC

Workplace active certification (WAC) is a European project led by the European Federation for Company Sport (EFCS) with the assistance of 9 international partners :

  • Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry (FESI),
  • French Federation for Company Sport (FFSE),
  • Evaleo,
  • University of Copenhagen,
  • Sport & Citizenship,
  • Chamber  of  Commerce  of Korinth,
  • Olympic Committee of Slovenia,
  • Artvelde University College Ghent,
  • Maltese Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Sport and Voluntary Organisations.

This project is supported by the European Commission in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme.

The project aims at valorising and recognising private or public sector organisations hereafter called participating organisations through the creation of a certification scheme, which successfully engage in the promotion of physical activity, employees’ health and well-being.

WAC Pioneers

Application information

We are offering the unique opportunity to integrate a selected group of participating organisations in this European certification to recognise your commitment in promoting physical activity at  the workplace along with contributing to the development of the certification.

This opportunity is the chance to showcase your related policy, actions and results in terms of quality of life in the workplace. The WAC project has been designed to capitalise on proven good practices and success stories. Participating organisations will naturally become role models and leaders at a European level.

Apply now

Be part of an ambitious participative approach and join the WAC Project.

To do so, please return the attached form duly completed before October, the 26th, 2020 with an engagement letter detailing the person designated to participate in the workshops (a minimum level of English is required) as well as the designated contact person within the company that will participate and contribute to the creation of the certification criteria.

We look forward to working with you and to shape, together, this exciting and important stage to develop physical activity in the workplace throughout Europe.